EMS Division Adds First PHRN to Department Roster
By RFD Watchdesk
December 6, 2018

The Royersford Fire Department and Friendship Ambulance have one more "first" to check off the list. Recently the department hired our first ever Pre-Hospital Registered Nurse to be a part of the staff! Holly Brown is our first PHRN to join the RFD team and operate within our EMS Division. Holly has been involved in emergency services for over 20 years taking on roles as a firefighter & EMT. Holly became a Registered Nurse in 2004 and has always had a passion to return to the pre-hospital arena and provide care in the hospital as well as in the community. She attended the 2017-2018 Paramedic Program at the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences and chose Friendship Ambulance as one of her precepting sites to gain experience as a student.

Some of the benefits of having PHRNs on staff are they can operate to the same level as a paramedic and in certain situations can go beyond the standard paramedic scope of practice. PHRNs are already certified Registered Nurses who have an expansive knowledge of medical care and then undertake a paramedic education to help bridge the gap between the hospital care and the pre-hospital settings.

We welcome Holly Brown to the Royersford Fire Department family and to the Spring-Ford community!

Pictured is EMS Supervisor Lenny Brown & PHRN Holly Brown
Pictured is EMS Supervisor Lenny Brown & PHRN Holly Brown