RFD Signs Agreement to Purchase New Pierce Engine
By Fire Chief Gary Wezel
November 9, 2018

The Royersford Fire Department is proud to announce the signing of an agreement with Glick Fire Equipment Co. Inc. to purchase a new Pierce fire engine to replace the current Engine 98, a 2002 KME Engine. This purchase keeps the Royersford Fire Department on its scheduled 15 year replacement plan of apparatus. By instituting and maintaining a schedule to replace apparatus every 15 years it ensures all apparatus are in good working and functional condition when they are called upon for emergency response. A 15 year replacement plan also allows for new safety devices to be incorporated into the design of the apparatus making the apparatus as safe as possible for the responders. With the signed agreement for purchase the Department will be placing the current 2002 KME up for sale.

The new Pierce engine will be equipped with the following:
- Pierce Custom Saber Engine with 6 Man Cab
- Side Roll and Frontal Impact Protection
- Cummins L9 450 hp motor
- Allison 3000 EVS with aggressive downshift 5 speed transmission
- Wheelbase of 194 inches
- Gross Vehicle Weight: 42,000
- 1500 GPM Waterous Pump
- 750 Gallon Poly Tank
- Pre-piped Monitor
- (2) 250 ft 1 3/4" Pre-connects
- (1) 100 ft 1 3/4" Bumper Line (2 1/2" Gated Discharge).
- HiViz Scene Lighting
- 6.5 kW Hydraulic Generator
-- Hosebed Capacity
- 400 feet of 3" with Blitz Fire
- 250 feet of 1 3/4" attack line
- 250 feet of 1 3/4" attack line
- 250 feet of 2 1/2" attack line
- 1,200 feet of 5" Supply line

With the agreement being signed for a new engine, the current Engine 98 is for sale. The asking price is $175,000.00 for the 2002 KME and will be available upon delivery of new engine.

Specifications for the 2002 KME Engine
- 6 total preconnects (3 crosslay 1.75" / 1 crosslay 2.5" / 1 rear 3" preconnect / 1 Booster Reel)
- (2) Electronic LDH discharges on the passenger side.
- Zoned Primers. The truck is set up to be a big water moving truck. Capable of drafting from three inlets (2 sides and rear). The zoned primers allow for individual priming of each so as to not lose a prime as you get the truck set up to draft.
- (5) 6 Inch Stortz Suction Hoses each 13 feet long.
- Hale Foam System with outlets to crosslays and preconnects.
- Hosebed capacity is 2400ft of 5" out of 2 1200ft beds.
- (2) 200ft cord reels
- All LDH intakes have electronic intake values
- HD Air Ride Rear Suspension
- Current 2018 Pump and Ladder Testing
- Stainless Steel Body with an Aluminum Cab.
- 7 Man Cab
- Full Depth Full Height Compartments on Driver Side.
- Allision 5 Speed Transmission
- Detriot DD13 500 hp Motor (No Regen).
- 10KW Smartpower Hydraulic Generator
- Pioneer LED Scene Lights
- Insta-Chains
- Locking Differential.
- Fire-Comm Head Sets
- All pull-out Trays rated for 500 lbs.
- 30 Ft 3-Section Extension Ladder
- 14 Ft Roof Ladder
- 10 Ft Attic Ladder.
- Vehicle height: 9 ft 8 inches
- Vehicle length: 32 ft 6 inches

Additional information can be requested by emailing chief@rfd98.org.

The Royersford Fire Department would like to thank Senator Rafferty for his efforts as without his assistance in obtaining the $200,000 DCED grant this purchase would be significantly delayed. We thank him for his support of the RFD and all emergency responders and wish him all the best as he moves into the next chapter of his career.

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