Fire & Police Departments Attend Joint Medical Training
By RFD Watchdesk
September 26, 2022

Monday evening's weekly training brought the Royersford Fire Department & Royersford Borough Police Department together. Both the Fire and Police Departments were due for recertification in CPR & First Aid training opening the door for a joint session with members of both Departments training together at the Walnut Street station. Royersford Finest and Bravest were put through several stations by EMS Division providers ensuring a solid foundation of medical knowledge being able to assist or intervene if needed. One of the stations involved a firefighter or police officer performing chest compressions, switching as needed, for the duration of the session which lasted almost an hour.

The evening allowed members of each Department to interact with each other reinforcing an already solid working relationship between the two. Thank you to the Officers of Royersford Borough Police Department for joining RFD last evening. We look forward to taking advantage of more joint training in the future as last night was a fun and successful evening.