EMS Division Officially Expands Service into UPT
By RFD Watchdesk
June 1, 2022

Wednesday, June 1st at 12 noon Station 325A officially became live signaling the expansion of Emergency Medical Services for Friendship Ambulance into Upper Providence Township. Today's transition has been a process over five years with multiple studies, meetings, and presentations with Upper Providence Township officials and surrounding EMS agencies. Station 325A will be staffed 24/7 with an Advanced Life Support (ALS) crew. In addition to the new Station 325A within the Township, Friendship Ambulance is adding a "325F" or Float Unit to provide additional and flexible coverage to the area. This "325F" unit will be a mobile ambulance without a designated station location similar to a police vehicle patrolling an area. This ambulance will provide a quicker response due to already being on the road and can move to areas lacking EMS coverage or quickly respond to provide support for high acuity emergencies. This floating unit will be active during the peak hours for service when the population of the Township and region swells. Our Chester County unit, MICU 83, remains in service housed at the Liberty Fire Company primarily serving Spring City Borough and East Vincent Township.

Today marks the first time an ambulance has been physically stationed inside the Township and while this moment marks a historic moment for Friendship Ambulance, Royersford Fire Department, and Upper Providence Township, it's just the beginning of more great opportunities. We look forward to continuing the delivery of pre-hospital care to the residents, workers, and visitors to the Township while working hand-in-hand with Upper Providence Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and their personnel. On behalf of our crews and leadership of Friendship Ambulance & Royersford Fire Department, thank you for providing our team the opportunity to serve the community and care for your loved ones when it matters most.