Weekend Flurry of Incidents for Region
By RFD Watchdesk
November 16, 2020

RFD members stayed busy over the weekend responding to 29 calls for service between the Fire & EMS Divisions on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to the Breast Cancer Luncheon on Saturday afternoon the Department responded to ten fire incidents and 19 EMS emergencies with a flurry of activity focusing on a smell of natural gas in the region and several incidents on Route 422.

The seven fire dispatches on Saturday were alerted in just over eight hours, an average of one dispatch every hour and 13 minutes. Embedded in the call volume for Saturday are five calls alerted in two hours and eight minutes, or one incident every 26 minutes. The barrage of emergencies this weekend were handled by a compliment of RFD personnel as well as responding units from Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company, Upper Providence Township Department of Fire & Emergency Services, Collegeville Fire Company, Limerick Fire Department.

Additionally the EMS Division handled 19 medical emergencies in the region in addition to standing by at multiple fire incidents.