Gas Leak Prompts Evacuation of High School
By RFD Watchdesk
October 26, 2020

Monday evening's School Board meeting had some unexpected attendees after a odor of natural gas was discovered inside the Spring-Ford Area High School. The School Board meeting being live streamed with in-person attendees was postponed with the building being evacuated. Crews from Royersford and Limerick responded to the incident and were able to narrow the source, securing it, then turning the situation over to maintenance.

A rumor began circulating the abrupt postponement of the meeting was the result of a bomb scare which are not correct. Natural gas leaks are a serious incident which can be destructive and deadly if an ignition source causes an explosion prompting the quick postponement and evacuation of the building.

Royersford Fire Department would like to thank the Spring-Ford School Board, Spring-Ford School Police, and the attendees of the meeting who quickly evacuated the building ensuring everyone's safety. The meeting will resume on Tuesday October 27th at 7:30pm via Zoom only with no in-person attendance. Follow Spring-Ford Area School District on social media and via their website for updates regarding the meeting.

Units: Ladder 98, Engine 98, Chief 98
Mutual Aid: Limerick Fire Department