Burning Power Lines Spur Electric Outage
By RFD Watchdesk
August 10, 2020

Late Monday afternoon the electric in the Royersford area flickered and lights went dark as power lines had caught fire in Upper Providence Township. RFD and Upper Providence Township Department of Fire & Emergency Services were alerted to the electrical fire on Yeager Road at Katie Circle. Fire units blocked Yeager Road until PECO arrived and was able to successfully extinguish the energized lines and then secure the power for firefighters to assist with cooling the charred electrical equipment. The situation was turned over to PECO representatives with crews beginning to repair the severed lines to restore electricity to the area. Also onscene assisting was fire police from Royersford, Trappe, and Black Rock Fire agencies.

Units: Engine 98, FP98
Mutual Aid: Engine 93, FP77, FP99