RFD Hits the Streets with Zoo Much Fun to Deliver Shirts
By RFD Watchdesk
June 28, 2020

With a few orders remaining at the Walnut Street station from our "Keep Back 6 Feet" shirt fundraiser Ladder & Engine 98 hit the streets as delivery trucks to leave these orders on the doorsteps of some homes in Royersford and Spring City. RFD members were joined by two very special helpers, Loco & Chip from Zoo Much Fun, who brought some smiles and waves along the delivery route. The convoy made it's way back to station where the HACC EMT students were able to take a little break and teach our furry friends some of the skills they have been working on during their class.

There's still time for you to order a "Keep Back 6 Feet" shirt benefiting the Royersford Fire Department. Ordering is open until July 1st with all profits coming to RFD. Shirts will be delivered approximately a week after ordering is closed. There will not be any extra shirts available for purchase, the only way to get your shirt is to order one before July 1st!

A BIG thank you to the Zoo Much Fun crew for making the trek to Royersford and bringing smiles along with them. Check them out on Facebook to see all the great events they take part in!

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