RFD Rolls Out Assets for Unity March
By RFD Watchdesk
June 6, 2020

Today the both divisions of RFD brought in additional staffing to support of the Royersford Borough Police Department and Mayor's Office during the Unity March this afternoon. The Fire Division remained in station staffing apparatus for any fire emergencies during the event. While the likelihood of a fire focused emergency directly involved with the event was low, having a crew in station reduced the potential of any issues resulting from our members responding from home as the march made its way up Main Street. The EMS Division deployed multiple resources as crews were positioned around the planned route moving with the group as temperatures pushed towards the 90° mark. The entire march was a well organized, peaceful event highlighting the best of the Royersford community.

In total our RFD personnel staffed:
- Two (2) fire apparatus
- Three (3) ALS units
- One (1) intermediate unit
- Two (2) providers for the EMS Bike Team
- Roaming Supervisor in the EMS Tahoe

Units: Engine 98, Rescue 98, Medic 325-1, MICU 83-2, Medic 325-3, Intermediate 325-4, EMS Bike Team, Chief 325