Overturned Tractor Trailer Spills Hot Tar on 422
By RFD Watchdesk
May 7, 2020

At 12:26pm the Royersford Fire Department was alerted to an auto accident on Route 422 reported to be westbound between the Royersford & Collegeville interchanges. Reports indicated a tractor trailer had overturned spilling hot tar into the median. Units from Royersford Fire Department & Upper Providence Township Department of Fire & Emergency Services arrived and shut down travel in both directions with additional resources requested including the Montgomery County Hazardous Materials team and additional fire police to close all access points at the interchanges. Crews from Friendship Ambulance transported one occupants to a local trauma center for continued care. Some of the spilled contents pooled in the median traveling down onto Mingo Road closing the roadway under 422 between Fruit Farm and Yeager Roads

Emergency crews with the support of county resources and private agencies coordinated an immediate mitigation plan to stop the flow of the contents using sand to create physical barriers. Fire crews both on the highway and below on Mingo Road were provided with dump trucks of sand which was dumped and then shoveled by hand to stem the flow of hot tar containing it while additional resources were deployed to begin the cleanup process. Several tow trucks were brought to the highway to bring the tractor trailer upright so it could be removed from the median.

Units: Fire Division: Rescue 98, Engine 98, Utility 98, Fire Police 98 -- EMS Division: 325-1, 325-3, MICU 83-4
Mutual Aid: Upper Providence Township Department of Fire & Emergency Services (E93), Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company (SD99), Trappe Fire Company (E77), Collegeville Fire Company (E34), Montgomery County Hazardous Materials Team, Montgomery County Incident Support Team, Pennsylvania State Police. Fire Police from Royersford Fire Department, Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company, Collegeville Fire Company, Limerick Fire Department, Lower Providence Fire Company, Liberty Fire Company, Ridge Fire Company