Update Your Emergency Forms
By RFD Watchdesk
March 31, 2020

While the community is embracing social distancing and being home, now is a great time to update your information in the event of an emergency. One of the items which greatly help our EMS crews is an Emergency Information Sheet which contains just basic but vital information in the event of a medical emergency, especially if you are unable to provide the information. We've created a basic form which you can print out and complete containing your name, date of birth, an emergency contact and their phone number. Also on the form is a line to put your allergies and then a grid for your medications and a diagnosis of why you take that medication. At the bottom of the form is a special notes area for you to include anything you feel is important for our providers to know in an emergency.

We ask you place this form on your refrigerator or in an envelope clearly labeled so our crews can quickly obtain this life saving information during an emergency. Help us help you when seconds count!

Attachment 325 EMS Contact Form.pdf  (143k)