Guardwires Save Truck from Crossing Highway
By RFD Watchdesk
February 29, 2020

An early morning accident on Saturday brought the Rescue 98 onto Route 422 to assist units in Upper Providence with a vehicle which had left the roadway becoming entangled in the guidewires in the median. The vehicle was removed from the safety with the debris being cleared from the roadway.

On occasion we get questions about the guidewires along sections of 422 and why there are not traditional guardrails. The guidewires while appearing less cumbersome are safer than traditional guardrails by absorbing the energy from the striking vehicle. Additionally the guidewires are quicker to repair when they are damaged as many times the standing posts may not be damaged and only the wires need to be replaced.

Units: Rescue 98, Utility 99
Mutual Aid: Engine 93, Squad 99, Engine 99, Traffic 99