EMS Crews Return Resident Home
By RFD Watchdesk
January 26, 2020

Sunday morning Medic 325-1 was dispatched to New Street in Spring City Borough to assist Spring City Borough Police Department with a male who was stranded in an electric wheelchair which had lost power. The crew of Paramedic JP Mensack & Advanced EMT James Weber contacted EMS Supervisor Lenny Brown who was in the area preparing for a lunchtime educational session and developed a plan to utilize the paratransit unit if the patient did not require transport on the ambulance.

Both units arrived and determined the male, Anthony Brown, did not require any medical care but his wheelchair was extremely low on power and was unable to make the rest of the trek home. EMS and Spring City PD were able to place the motorized chair in a “neutral/manual” mode and load his wheelchair onto the paratransit unit returning him home in East Vincent Township without incident.

Just after securing Mr. Brown’s wheelchair into the paratransit unit, the MICU was dispatched to another emergency in East Vincent Township. After returning Mr. Brown home he was extremely thankful for the assistance of Friendship Ambulance agreeing to take a photo and sharing his story.