Press Release - EMS Unit Involved in Minor Vehicle Collision
By RFD Watchdesk
November 9, 2019

During the evening hours of November 9, 2019, a Friendship Ambulance unit was involved in a minor, slow speed motor vehicle collision on Black Rock Road in Upper Providence Township. The EMS unit did have a patient onboard at the time of the incident in addition to the two crew members. Above all else, no injuries resulted from the incident. The EMS crew continued to care for the patient onboard while the closest available ambulance was dispatched to complete the transport to the hospital while Upper Providence Township Police arrived and completed their investigation of the incident. The vehicles involved suffered little to no damage with the ambulance returning to the station for a thorough inspection and then placed back into service.

Friendship Ambulance, a Division of Royersford Fire Department, deploys four Department of Health licensed Advanced Life Support ambulances, one paratransit van, and an EMS Supervisor SUV logging over 130,000 miles annually.

The department would like to extend thanks to Upper Providence Township Police Department and Upper Providence Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services for responding to the scene. Additionally, we extend our thanks to Trappe Fire Company EMS for responding to complete the transport of the patient onboard at the time of the collision. Additional inquiries can be directed to Public Information Officer Lenny Brown at the provided information.

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