Three EMS Providers Obtain Paramedic Certification
By RFD Watchdesk
September 30, 2019

Three of our providers completed their Paramedic education consisting of over a thousand hours of classroom instruction plus hundreds of hours of clinical observation and field precepting through the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences. This year long commitment all channels to two tests administered by the National Registry of Emergency Technical Technicians, one being a written exam and the second being a practical hands-on skills assessment. Many have stated paramedic school is one of the most intense courses due to the fast pace and content packed into just under 12 months and those who emerge on the other side are to be respected because of the commitment.

The Royersford Fire Department and Friendship Ambulance are proud to transition the following members from their EMT roles to Paramedic roles within the organization. These providers have also completed their orientation process to their new responsibilities and are actively practicing Advanced Life Support level care:

Firefighter/Paramedic Derek Dry
Firefighter Paramedic Anthony HIllen
Paramedic Matt Lex

These three practitioners took advantage of a tuition reimbursement offered to those attending courses to advance their education and certification level to offset costs of the programs. We are proud to have these dedicated and committed providers a part of the RFD team serving the Spring-Ford community delivering premier pre-hospital medical care!