Rescue 98 Makes Daytime Response to Working Fire in Upper Providence
By RFD Watchdesk
August 29, 2019

Just before 11am Rescue 98 was alerted to assist units in Upper Providence Township on a working dwelling fire on Green Tree Road. Rescue 98 made the response with 6 personnel onboard and arrived onscene to assist with searching the dwelling as well as overhaul after the initial fire had been extinguished.

Overhaul is the process of removing drywall or other wall coverings as well as the ceiling to ensure the fire did not extended into an adjacent area. While crews worked inside the structure, air cylinders for SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus or Air Packs) were filled using the air cascade system. This system allows firefighters onscene to quickly have air cylinders refilled meaning they are able to use less equipment and ultimately can return to full service in a shorter period of time as not every fire station has a cascade system available.

Photos courtesy of Royersford Fire Department FF Adam Alberico

Units: Rescue 98