The New Engine 98: From the Ground Up
By RFD Watchdesk
August 27, 2019

Over the last handful of weeks we've shared photos of our new Engine 98 with it starting as separate pieces in different areas of the Pierce manufacturing factory. As initial items were checked off and completed, the pieces were coupled, welded and bolted together until it formed the new fire engine, according to specifications which were lines on a paper just months ago. Our very own Past Fire Chief Gary Wezel compiled all the photos we received during this process and put them together into a video showing Engine 98 literally being put together piece by piece.

On behalf of the entire membership we take a moment to thank the new engine committee for the countless hours spent looking at every aspect and detail of this new addition to the RFD fleet and for taking time to design a truck that not only if functional but is fiscally responsible. Your dedication to the process, organization, and community does not go unnoticed.