Weekly Physical Fitness Training at Station 98
By RFD Watchdesk
August 1, 2019

Royersford Fire Department members recently began participating in regular physical fitness training at the station. Crews meet once a week at the station and work with local personal trainer and Royersford resident Caitlin Asbert. Caitlin explains that she “tries to make it fun for the crews so it isn’t tedious”. The program normally begins with a game or a warm up which is geared toward team building and building camaraderie among the group.

The workouts last about an hour and are designed in a way to mimic the actions taken by firefighters on the fire ground. Exercises are done as part of “high intensity interval training” with participants exerting themselves for short bursts and then taking a break, much like on the fireground.

Caitlin says this is just her way to help get people healthy. Coming from a family with firefighting roots, she knows this first hand. Her uncle is a retired firefighter from upstate New York adding “Cardiovascular incidents, specifically heart attacks are the number one killer of firefighters; both on the fire ground and afterward.”

The RFD thanks Caitlin for her initiative to start this program and her weekly dedication to come out and work with us.