New Generator Keeps Everything Powered at Green Street Station
By RFD Watchdesk
July 11, 2019

As many of us felt the effects of the localized power outage across the Spring-Ford area, the lights stayed on and systems connected at our Green Street station due to a newly installed generator. This generator allows our EMS Division and social club to always have a backup system in place during power outages ensuring the ambulance doors can still go up, the lights stay on, and critical communication equipment linked to Montgomery County 911 stays connected.

But this generator would not be possible without the unwavering and continued support of the members of the social club. Their patronage makes many of the projects in and around our stations possible. We cannot thank the social club and their members enough for always supporting our responders and holding true to the original mission of fire department based social club, supporting our first responders on the fire trucks and ambulances serving the community.