RFD Honors Our Military Members
By RFD Watchdesk
May 18, 2019

The banners lining Main Street in Royersford show our gratitude to members of the community who served our country through their dedication to military service. The month of May is designated at Military Appreciation Month and with today, May 18th, being this year's Armed Forces Day. The spirit of service is a calling to defend the morals and sanctity of our communities and country. Many times members of the emergency service field are also active or retired members of the military. The Royersford Fire Department and Friendship Ambulance would like to thank each and every member of our Armed Services but give a special thank you to RFD members who selfishly served our country.

In addition to recognizing our members the department is joining the "Remember Everyone Deployed" movement or RED for short. During Fridays for the month of May we are loosening our uniform code to allow for red undershirts to be worn under the issued uniform shirts. These red undershirts are a subtle reminder of those deployed overseas ensuring our freedoms here at home.

Firefighter Richard Keffer
Branch:United States Army
Rank Achieved: Corporal (E4)
Served: 1963-1965

Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic Kevin Betz
Branch: USMC
Rank Achieved: Corporal (E4)
Served: 1994-1998

Paramedic Michel Lessar
Branch: Regular Army / Army Reserve
Rank Achieved: Sargent (E5)
Served: Regular Army: 1987 - 1991 / Reserve: 1991 - 1997

Firefighter Michael Passarella
Branch: USMC
Rank Achieved: Corporal (E4)
Served: 2004-2008

Michael Seiders (son of Chief Engineer Les Seiders)
Branch: U.S. Navy
Rank Achieved: 2nd class Petty Officer
Served: 2013 to Present

Firefighter/EMT Aaron Sifford
Branch: United States Army Reserves
Rank Achieved: Specialist (SPC)
Served: July 2013- Present

Firefighter Nicholas Staehle
Branch: U.S.M.C corporal
Rank Achieved: Corporal (E4)
Served: 2014-2018


John Webster May 18, 2019 at 6:00 AM
Thanks for your service guys!