Refresher on Ground Ladders for Weekly Training
By RFD Watchdesk
April 29, 2019

Both EMS and Fire personnel attended a very informative ladder training during the weekly Station 98 crew night Monday evening. The training took place at the Spring Ford 9th Grade Center in Royersford. A large portion of the department operations are ground ladders with every fire apparatus equipped with at least two ground ladders. Personnel discussed extension ladders stretchers 3-5 rungs above the roofline, thus allowing more stability, more safety, and the presentation of the tip of the ladder in the event very smokey conditions. While some members worked on ladders, others used the opportunity to review of ropes and knots.

Ground ladder skills are essential in firefighting and a highly encouraged in any department. These frequently practiced skills are opportunistic times to reinforce training and enhance learning. Since most buildings in our first -due area are identified as needing ground ladders with rapid intervention team operations, regular drills such as this practice is essential.