Department Institutes Fitness Program for Active Crew
By RFD Watchdesk
April 19, 2019

While being a firefighter is inherently a dangerous job, across the nation the number one cause of firefighter fatalities continues to be overexertion and sudden cardiac arrest. The Royersford Fire Department has partnered with Caitlin Asbert, a local fitness professional, who developed a fitness program designed specifically for firefighters and emergency services personnel to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac arrest while our members are operating at emergency scenes. She has worked with other organizations as well including our partners at Upper Providence Township Department of Fire & Emergency Services which proved beneficial for their staff. The active RFD personnel attend pre-scheduled sessions with as many as possible making it to the station for an hour long workout focusing on various muscle groups, stretches, and aerobic exercises designed for the activity on the fireground. These programs are paid for by the Department to help support a healthier lifestyle for our members.

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